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A PUPular Place for Dogs to Relax, Play, and Mingle

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Pet Services




We Care About Your Paw Family Member

Pup Culture Dog Daycare provides doggy day care and grooming needs for your furry companions. We’ve been servicing Burnaby, Vancouver, and the Tri-Cities area in British Columbia for more than 20 years. Our business is recognized as the Best Canine Service 2020 in Vancouver. You can trust that your paw friends will be top dogs while they are in our care!

As a busy dog owner, it’s not always possible to give your pets the attention they deserve. Our supervised doggy daycare facility will allow you to leave your canine companions for a full or partial day, knowing that they will have the time of their fur lives! We offer 2,800 square feet of indoor and outdoor spaces with caring, dog-loving staff to ensure your every dog is always a V.I.P. (Very Important Pooch)!

Our Mission and Culture

The mission of Pup Culture Dog Daycare is to provide your precious canines with a safe place where they can socialize and exercise while you go about your busy day. We strive to build lasting relationships with dog owners and their pets while working hard to create a positive and fun environment.


From the moment your dogs are introduced to the pack to the day they leave, we provide consistency, training, boundaries, and socially acceptable behaviors. This is to guarantee a safe, loving, and caring environment. We will help you deal with your animal pals’ health and dietary concerns by providing information on up-to-date nutritional choices. We’re with you in prolonging your furry family members' lives.


We believe in positive reinforcement and practice basic training (socialization and manners). Our team is sensitive to the special needs of each dog, so we do our best to meet them. We take pride in our 100% safety records.


Our team can manage pups of all sizes and temperaments. We have no breed restrictions in our day-care facility. All dogs are welcome to the pack as long as they pass the social assessment. Contact us today and schedule a trial day for your pup!

Humans Love Us Too!

"Awesome! Simply Awesome."


- December 19, 2022


Reach Out to Us

Pup Culture Doggy Daycare Inc.

Phone: 604-298-7297    | Email:

To get the latest information on what is going on in our daycare facility, please check out our Instagram page for updates and promotions!

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